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Created by Bill Coleman & Shannon Taylor-Coleman
Open since 2-19-99
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A secondary market reference guide and much much more

The Encyclopedia Gang
Stacy, Jen, Paul, Juan, Eric, Joe, Chris, Steve, Torrey, Tom, & Shannon 

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  • opened on 2-19
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    The Secondary Market  
    Look for all the best priced bears on the web.  
    The Picture Haven  
    Look here for all of your favorite pictures of bears and caricatures from the newsletters and a bunch of other places.
    Boyds Addicts Anonymous  
    Tired of your online Boyds Club looking more like a giant advertisement?  Can't fight your addiction? It always helps to talk about it.  Maybe we can help?
    The Boyds Test  
    So you think you know your Boyds?  I don't think so... prove it, take the test.  Brought to you by   
    The Boyds Report   
    news from all around the web. about boyds and the bears that love them.   
    The 12 Step Program  
    For the addict who cannot get enought.  brought to you by
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