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Define this....

Here are some definitions you have been waiting for. All in alphabetical order of course.

Bailey : Gary Lowenthal's Daughter.  The name is used throughout the Boyds Lines.

Bearstone : The first line of Boyds Resin Pieces.  Hence usually the most valuble. Includes The Shoe Box Bears, and
            constantly releases thirty new pieces a year.

Bottom Stamp :  The stamp on the bottom of resin pieces.  Usually with an edition number and a famous quote.

Boyds, Maryland : Where the Boyds Colleciton was founded.

Boyds Collector Forum :  The oldest Boyds Website : :  The offical Boyds Company website

Collectors Bee :  They put out a bi yearly value guide for the plush and resin lines.

Dollstone : The 3rd resin line.  Featuring little children.

F.O.B. :  The Loyal Order of the Friends of Boyds.  A offical fan club offered by the Boyds LTD. It also has special pieces
          gained with membership, and was founded in 1995.

Folkstone : The second resin collection.  It features folk art, frogs, wee folkstones, and fairies.

Gary Lowenthal :  The President and Founder of the Boyds Collection LTD.  Is seen all around the country promoting and 
                  signing his creations.  Also he does a miniseries type show on the QVC network.

G.C.C. : Stands for Gift Creative Concepts.  Offers limited edition and early release Boyds Products

Head Bean : See Gary Lowenthal

Justina Lowenthal : Is the wife of the Head Bean, and is featured in many resin pieces, including Justin & Matthew Baking 

Matthew :  Is the son of the Head Bean, and is featured in many plush and resin pieces. 

Michigan 7 :  A group of Boyds lovers that live in Michigan. 

M.O.B. : AOL Boyds Club. 

N.A.L.E.D. : Offers limited edition and early release Boyds Products.  Also gives general bear awards every year.

Old Uncle Bean : See Gary Lowenthal

Paw Print : On every Boyds Resin piece there is either a paw (bearstone), star (folkstone), shoe (dollstone), cat face 
            (purrstone), and a santa thing (santa collection).

Q.V.C. : The Cable Station that provides exclusives and premier editions.  Also hosts the boyds shows.
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 Last updated December 3rd, 1999